Monday, April 12, 2021
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About The Page

Welcome to Livingreen. For a long while the website underwent reconstruction to enhance
computer and mobile viewing, as well ensure its protection from hackers who believe it or not
have tried severally to hijack the site. However, we are back in full swing.
As usual, the site caters to readers enthusiastic about the protection of the environment from the
effects of climate change, news on climate change and sustainability tackled across several
subjects and genres of writing and perspectives.
Indeed, we are offering more local and personalized stories, projects and research works on
sustainability and climate change.
Also, check out the newest update. Under the Arts, you have several sub-columns, bringing you
up to speed on latest and/or impactful Green Arts, other Arts, (Performing Arts) as in Theatre,
Dance, Music, etc. Do subscribe and get to reading Livingreeners.