L-R: Head of Media and Cultural Officer, German Embassy, Abuja, Kornelia Bitzer-Zenner, Susie Iliyan, Zainab Akwanga, CEO, Ghraizi & Partners, Mohammed Ghraizi, CEO Chanja Datti. Funto Boroffice, Environmental Artist, Ifesinachi Nwanyanwu, Rosaline Ghraizi and founder CPDI, Nmadili M.

Members of One Environment, a policy direction institute on environmental sustainability in Nigeria has urged government to do more towards the implementation of environmental policies in the country through banning of plastics and nylon bags.

It also advised government to enforce the Extended Producers and Regulations Act of 2009, to ensure that companies recycle their waste products.

Addressing pressmen at an event in Abuja, curator of One Environment, Ifesinachi Nwanyanwu, said government could make better impact to its environmental projects by banning nylons and plastics use in the country.  He argued that compared to their damaging impact on the environment; these products are not worth their production. “It takes twenty years for plastic wastes to decompose, so why not ban them completely?

“Government can further attach expensive prices to nylons to discourage its use”, suggested media manager, One Environment, Zainab Akwanga.

Waste recycler and CEO of Chanja Datti, Funto Boroffice said increased emphasis on the implementation of existing environmental laws will achieve more results in climate change reduction and adaptive practices. She advised government to enforce the Extended Producers and Regulations Act of 2009 to ensure that companies are responsible for their wastes.

Boroffice continued, “More companies can take responsibilities to recycle their waste, from local companies, such as ‘pure water’ producers, to the international and multi-corporations like Coca Cola. We also need to get the information to the grassroots, to the ordinary Nigerians”.

Sustainable & renewable energy, waste management expert and CEO of Ghraizi & Partners, Mohammed Ghraizi laments that the will to embark on sustainable and renewable energy projects is lacking on the part of government stakeholders in Nigeria.

“I don’t see the recycling (of waste to energy) in Nigeria, not in the next five to ten years. We consulted on a solar energy and waste management project, we did our research, field work and findings” but, he continued, “when it came to moving forward, different interests played out”.

Rather than discouraged, Ghraizi and others are working towards entrenching environmental consciousness among Nigerians through programmes such as One Environment. The platform will generate a white paper, on environmental issues in Nigeria, and work with several stakeholders such as Chanja Datti, Environmental Art Collective Foundation (ENACOF), Czech and German embassies among others to raise awareness and generate ideas that promote environmental sustainability.

Meantime, Head of Press and Cultural Affairs Department, at the German Embassy, Kornelia Bitzer-Zenner affirmed it will host Nigerian-German Artist, the Junk Man, to take a 7-day workshop with Nigerian artists at the Thought Pyramid Gallery, Abuja.





  1. Interesting,we will need more of such companies but instead of depending and waiting for the government i still think we should work the idea than talk the idea because Nigeria still have a long way to go in terms of waste managemnet.

    • Yeah Chidi. I am discovering that even a few of the existing sustainable organizations are just not entirely ready to move into the grassroots to activate smaller, even less costlier sustainable projects, such as creating awareness. To create awareness with these people, thet need to know what dangers climate change pose to their lives and ways that sustainable living practices or a greener lifestyle can boost their lifestyle.

  2. Interesting,We need more of this but instead of waiting for the government we really need to work the idea and not just talk the idea,Nigeria still have a long way to go when it comes to waste Management.

    • I believe an organization entitled Environmental Solutions Providers are working tremendously towards cleaning up Nyanya, Abuja


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